Islamic heritage

In the historic heart of Marbella, you will find the remains of the Muslim Alcazaba and the ancient walls of Marbiliya, its Arabic name. The construction of the caliphal castle was ordered by Abderrahman III (X century) as a strategic point to control the territory. The wall had over 10 defensive towers, and three entrances. Only 2 towers remain, but you can still walk through the streets of what was the old medina.

Info & location
City/Province Marbella
The fortified 'Marbiliya'

It had an area of 90,000m2. Today it would be limited by the streets Arte, Solano, Trinidad, Portada, Salinas, Carmen, Ortiz del Molinillo and Virgen de los Dolores.


 Calle Trinidad y Calle Salinas.

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