Pimentel Tower

This islamic tower is the origin of Torremolinos. Built around 1300, was part of an extensive network of defensive towers erected by the Nasrids along the southern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. It was of vital importance to the Kingdom of Granada. A small and humble neighborhood of mills surround the tower. From here comes its original name -Torre de los Molinos (Tower of the Mills) - ...and the city itself. 

Info & location
City/Province Torremolinos

Cuesta del Tajo, s/n, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga. The tower stands between calle San Miguel and Cuesta del Tajo, on the way to Bajondillo beach.

The structure

Made of rammed earth, it's 12 metres high and has a solid base, two floors, windows and a large terrace from which Nasrid wardens watched for possible intrusions from the sea. At the moment the interior can not be visited.

The change of name

The original name was Torre de los Molinos (Tower of the Mills). The name of Pimentel was given later.

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