About letsgohalal.com

Let’s Go Halal  is an online platform and a registered trademark owned by Open Concept S.L., company with Tax ID number B-86641479, Tourism License (C.I.AN) 297078-3 and registered address at Manuel Fraga Iribarne, 15. Edificio Fuente Lucena, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga (Spain). Email: contact@letsgohalal.com. Company registered in the Mercantile Registry of Malaga, Hoja MA-145618 Tomo 5739 Folio 161.

At Let's Go Halal we are a lively network of Muslim professionals with long experience in Tourism and Communication. In 2014, we founded the first travel agent and DMC in Spain and Europe specialized in Tourism for Muslims to obtain Halal certification. This experience was the seed of Let's Go Halal. Thousands of tourists later, we want to put at the service of many more people -all Muslims around the world who may be interested in knowing or visiting Spain and also tourism professionals in Muslim-majority countries- everything we know and much more: the honest effort of many professionals, without distinction of faith, committed to providing Muslims who visit Spain the best experiences and the best services according to their tastes, expectations and needs, whatever their degree of demand.


Alhamdulillah, as Muslims we are more and more conscious consumers and we have more and more offer and opportunities to go sightseeing and enjoy other countries without compromising our faith. The Internet makes things much easier. However, it is not always easy to find truly useful, quality, verified and interesting information on the Internet.

For all this, Let's Go Halal was founded. These are our goals and commitments:

  • We only want to talk about what we really know, it is within our reach and we can verify: Spain, its different destinations, products and services. Easy to find and all in one site.
  • We strive every day to offer the most truthful, useful and rigorous information, especially in all those aspects that have to do with Halal quality. All the information we publish has been verified before by our local team although, of course, our work cannot replace that of a Halal certifying entity.
  • We are especially happy to live in a beautiful and diverse country, Spain, that owes an important part of its essence and beauty to eight centuries of the presence of Islam in its lands. We want to share this beauty with other Muslims so that they too can enjoy it and feel proud.

As Muslims it is an honor and a pleasure to make Let's Go Halalavailable to all Muslims in the world who want to visit Spain and to tourism professionals in Muslim-majority countries. Our intention is to make Let's Go Halal a useful, inspiring and interesting tool and help you discover Spain and enjoy a pleasant and unique experience.

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