Try the delicious 'salmorejo'

It's the most famous dish of Cordoba cuisine, a kind of cold tomato cream. Its ingredients, besides tomato, are bread crumbs, olive oil, garlic and salt. Similar to gazpacho, another typical Andalusian dish. Its main difference is the consistency, notably denser that gazpacho. Watch out! Usually served with ham chips. Simply request that you want it without ham.

Info & location
City/Province Cordoba
Type of experience:
  • Gastronomy
Where Salmorejo is a must in all restaurants in Cordoba and almost all of Andalusia. Its popularity is such that, in summer, it can be found in almost all of Spain. You will also find it in brick in any supermarket.
When It's especially popular in the summer. In addition to delicious and refreshing, it's very nutritious. Usually served as a first course or accompanying other foods.
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