Reales Alcázares

This fortified palace is the oldest still in use in Europe. The Umayyad governors of Seville began to build it. Then the Abbadies and later the Almohades. Of those Islamic palaces there is little left except the wall and not much more. However, the most famous part of this amazing palace, ordered by the King Don Pedro, will not be strange to you: it comes from the hands of the best Muslim 'alarifes'. It's World Heritage site.

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4 things that makes this place really special
The Lion Gate and 'Patio'

The entry to Reales Alcázares is through the Puerta del León (Lion Gate), which leads to the Patio del León, the garrison yard of the original Al-Mubarak palace, built by Al Mutamid, the poet king. Then you'll get the Sala de la Justicia (Hall of Justice), with a beautiful ceiling, and the pretty Patio del Yeso, part of the 12th c. Almohad palace.

The Mudejar style, what an invention!

King Pedro had a long alliance with Mohammed V, emir of Granada and responsible for much of the Alhambra decoration. So, when Pedro decided to build a new palace in the Alcázar (1364), Mohammed sent his top artisans, joined by others from Seville, Cordoba and Toledo. You will love the amazing result!

A dome that looks like the Universe

The most spectacular room in the Palace of King Pedro is the Hall of Ambassadors, originally Pedro I’s throne room. Its fabulous wooden dome of multiple star patterns, symbolizing the Universe, was the most complex design in those times. There are only four domes in the world like this one, three of them in Spain.

The most relaxing gardens

Strolling in the Alcázar gardens can be one of the best experiences of your visit. They are arranged in terraces, with green vegetation, many orange and palm trees, fountains and pavilions where you can breathe the freshness. They hide some surprises, like a water organ and a vegetable labyrinth which will delight children.