Qurtuba was the most important city of Al Andalus (756-1010), the capital of the Umayyad Caliphate. In those days it became the most cultured, sophisticated and splendid city in Europe and, with Baghdad, the main center of knowledge of the Muslim world. Qurtuba remains alive in the streets, buildings and culture of present-day Cordoba, an essential destination for Muslims around the world.

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Cordoba Travel Tips

Cordoba is an impressive city at any time of the year, although in July and August, temperatures can reach 40ºC. Then you will find better prices in hotels. Good prices also from November. to March, except on special dates (Christmas, etc ...). In spring the city is simply spectacular and perfumed, but you will also find more visitors and higher prices.


It is one of the cities connected by speed train, so you will need about two hours to get there from Madrid, 45 minutes from Seville or 1 hour from Malaga.


Cordoba is in the geographical center of Andalusia, Therefore, it is perfect to serve as a base from which to visit the rest of Andalusian jewels (Seville, Granada, etc.). To visit and enjoy this city as it deserves you need at least two days.


In Cordoba there are 3 mosques in operation. The monumental Mosque-Cathedral is not a space for praying. Near it, you can do salat in the Mezquita de Los Andaluces, Mosque of the Andalusians (check out our recommended experiences). The other mosques are Al-Morabito Mosque (Plaza de Colón s/n) and Attawid Mosque (Corcel de Ecija, 37-39).

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