Yannat al-Arif. Some people say that it means "The architect's garden", but others prefer "the most finest gardens". In any case, there is no doubt that the Generalife is very inspiring. Although it is part of the great complex of the Alhambra, it is an independent area -in fact, it can be visited separately – and was used by the Nasrid kings as a retreat and a place of rest, particularly in summer. It has gardens, of course, but also its own palace.

Info & location
4 things that makes this place really special
The famous crossing jets

Yes, we are referring to those very famous crossing jets copied in many fountains around the world. You will find them in the court of the Generalife Palace. The current ones were installed in the 19th century. Originally it had twelve spouts.

Medieval orchards still alive

The orchards were here before the Alhambra itself. They contributed to feed the palatine city. Today the same orchards are cultivated with species and methods of that time, in an uninterrupted manner from the Andalusi era to the 21st century.

The Sultana's court & the cypress tree

This court is one of the most charming corners at Generalife. It houses a huge cypress tree that today is only a dry trunk that, according to legend, was the silent witness of many love scenes... It was the oldest in Granada and lived around of 600 years.

The very strategic 'albercas'

The water reservoirs (albercas) in the Alhambra were essential in the city’s water system, a network of tanks, distributed strategically, making the most of the gradients and slopes of the terrain. Master's in water engineering!