Teruel city

This Aragonese city is synonymous with Mudejar art. Probably the best place where you can enjoy this unique style, a gorgeous mix of Islamic art and Christian elements. Its hallmarks –patterns of bricks and glazed tiles, elaborate wooden ceilings – are beautifully present in the town’s towers and churches, four of them declared World Heritage. Teruel is also a charming small city that was a land of dinosaurs!

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4 attractions you can't miss in Teruel
El Salvador tower

The most impressive of Teruel's Mudejar gems. This is a tower of brick and ceramics built in the style of an Almohad minaret: one tower inside another and a staircase ascending in the space between them. At the top, Teruel's best city views. The towers of San Pedro and San Martín are also amazing.

The Escalinata

The Mudejar left a deep imprint on this land. So much so that it continued to inspire important buildings at the beginning of the 20th century. Then it was called the Neomudejar style. It can be admired on the monumental staircase built to bridge the gap between the train station and Teruel's city center.

El Torico

Not everything is Mudejar in Teruel! The symbol of the city is a small bronze bull called El Torico, just 35cm high, inspired in an old Roman coin. It has stood on top of its column since 1865. This charming bull gives name to the square that is the authentic center of the city, full of cafes and lively streets.

Santa María

This cathedral is one of the only two that exist in Mudejar style and yet another emblematic Mudejar building. A rich example of this imaginative style: a kaleidoscopic brickwork combined with colourful ceramic tiles. The bell tower and, inside, the wooden ceiling are simply remarkable.