The aljibe of the Great Mosque

It goes almost unnoticed, but there it is: the only remaining element of what was once the Aljama Mosque of Granada, its aljibe or water cistern. The first references can be found in 11th century. Its capacity is of 157 cubic meters, the second in volume after the Aljibe del Rey. It occupies two thirds of the subsoil of the small square located in front of the Lonja. The other third, is under the Lonja.

Info & location
City/Province Granada
Where The head of the water cistern of the Great Mosque of Granada is located on the site where was the masjid, currently under the small square that forms Oficios street, in front of the Royal Chapel. You will see it flanked by a fence.
Water system In Granada, 26 'aljibes' (water reservoirs) from the Islamic period are conserved. The one with the greatest capacity is the Aljibe del Rey, in Albaicín, which currently houses the Water Interpretation Center. That of the old Great Mosque is the second in capacity.
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