10 very good reasons to choose Costa del Sol

From luxury experiences to Arab and Islamic heritage and much more

Dec 6, 2021

Costa del Sol is the cradle of tourism in Spain and there are many reasons that explain it. Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, this region stretches along more than 150 kilometers of coastline in the province of Malaga, in southern Andalusia. Its beauty and extraordinary climate of mild temperatures and radiant sunshine throughout the year soon attracted thousands of European tourists who, as they visited and got to know it, only increased its fame.

Another ingredient of its success is luxury. Starting in the 60s of the last century, Costa del Sol became one of the favorite destinations for millionaires and celebrities from all over the world, who came to it looking not only for beauty and unique temperatures, but also for its authenticity, its picturesque villages and a joy to live like few other places in the world.

All those ingredients remain today, when Costa del Sol continues to be one of the most famous destinations in Spain and Europe. A destination that is especially interesting for Muslim tourists. We give you ten good reasons why Costa del Sol is a destination you should enjoy at least once in your life (even more!).


1. It was part of Al Andalus and for a longer time

The Alcazaba of Malaga, one of the greatest Islamic fortresses in Spain.

Malaga, the province where Costa del Sol is located, was part of Al Andalus for eight centuries, from 713 to 1487. In fact, it was for longer than Cordoba (under Christian rule since 1236) and Seville (Christian since 1248). Malaqa, the Islamic Malaga, was the fourth intellectual power of Al Andalus after Cordoba, Granada and Seville. The important Islamic, Arab and Andalusi legacy is one of the elements that explain the rich culture and beauty of the Costa del Sol.


2. The rich Arab and Islamic heritage


The Sohail Castle is a landmark of Fuengirola, one of the towns in Costa del Sol.

In reference to the previous point, one thing leads to the other. Since this land lived under Islamic rule for so long, the Arab and Muslim legacy is in every corner of Costa del Sol. To begin with, it is in the name of its most famous towns and resorts, which were once medinas: Benalmadena comes from Ibn al-Madin; Marbella from Marbiliya; Estepona from Istibuna. It is also present in monuments such as the Alcazaba in Malaga (one of the most impressive in all of Spain), the Sohail castle in Fuengriola, the walls of Marbella and Ronda, numerous watchtowers by the sea, in the layout of the streets, the gastronomy... In short, almost by everywhere. It will like you.

3. Endless luxury experiences 

A luxury convertible car and the charming Puerto Banus marina in the background.

Just an example:  you will enjoy walking and shopping in Puerto Banus, Marbella, one of the most charming yatch marinas in the world. But there is much more: exclusive beach clubs, excellent hotels with first-class services, delicious gastronomic offer with famous chefs ... From the most exclusive and high-end experiences to affordable luxury.

4. One of the most Muslim-friendly destinations

King Abdul Aziz Mosque, in Marbella, Costa del Sol.

Either because of its long Muslim past or because it is, above all, a land of friendly and welcoming people. Also because it is one of the territories in Spain where more Muslims live today or even because it is one of the preferred vacation spots of prominent Arab and Muslim families such as the Saudi royal family. The explanations are many but the conclusion is one: Costa del Sol is one of the most Muslim-friendly destinations in Spain and Europe. You will find many and varied halal restaurants, hotels with Muslim-friendly services, beautiful mosques in strategic places, etc.


5. Also family-friendly


A family taking a relaxing walk on the beach

And to continue talking about friendly territories: Costa del Sol is a welcoming destination for families. Here you will find numerous apartments and hotels with family capacities and guaranteed entertainment for all members of the family, regardless of their age. From amusement parks and safe and relaxing beaches to lively cafes, trendy restaurants, or shopping centers. There's something for every taste. 

6. A wonderful climate, beautiful blue skies

A man playing golf in Estepona, Costa del Sol.

We have already explained that its wonderful climate is one of the reasons for the success of Costa del Sol. Mild temperatures and bright sun throughout the year, beautiful blue skies ... Excellent conditions to enjoy in the open air, the sea, the nature, and the outdoor activities. No wonder it is a golf paradise 365 days a year.

7. All the beauty and authenticity of Andalusia

A man walking through the flowery streets of Estepona.

Small white villages full of charm, flowers everywhere, amazing landscapes, unique culture and traditions. The hallmarks of Andalusia can be found on Costa del Sol like no other destination.

8. A strategic location


On Costa del Sol there is no room for boredom. You will like it so much, and you will find yourself so comfortable that you will not want to leave there. However, another of its great assets consists of its privileged position to visit other strategic enclaves of Andalusia: you can visit the Alhambra in Granada, the Mosque of Córdoba, the beautiful Ronda, even Gibraltar or northern Morocco in one-day excursions. Isn't it great?


9. Shopping paradise

Two women shopping in Costa del Sol. Foto: Diario Sur

From the most exclusive boutiques to the liveliest shopping centers, without forgetting the street markets. Even the incomparable experience of walking and shopping on the dock of one of the most commercial and charming marine yachts in the world, Puerto Banús. An excellent showcase for luxury brands. There is no doubt that Costa del Sol is a shopping paradise.

10. A health and wellness destination

If, in addition to enjoying the landscape and nature, the excellent climate and services, and the rich culture, we take care of our health and maximize well-being, the experience is complete. Costal del Sol boasts famous medical and wellness centers that have made it a world reference destination.

If you want to know more about the experiences you can enjoy on Costa del Sol, just click here.

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