In a stunning setting embraced by the Tagus River and surrounded by beautiful mills, Toledo is one of the most magnificient cities in Spain, a true open-air museum (World Heritage Site). It shone especially as Tulaytula, one of the most important cities of Al Andalus, and, above all, as a place of coexistence between Muslims, Christians and Jews. Therefore  Toledo is known as "The city of three cultures".

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Toledo Travel Tips

Toledo has a fairly dry climate. Winters are cold, though not extreme, and summers hot. The percentage of sunny days is one of the highest in Spain. Spring and autumn can be  excellent seasons. If you're warmly dressed, winter is also good for cultural tourism, although it gets dark earlier. At any time of the year, weekends are quite crowded, as this is one of the favorite cultural visits for many people from Madrid and other cities. If you are looking for maximum peace of mind, business days are perfect.


Most tourists who visit Toledo, usually do so taking advantage of its proximity to Madrid: only 72 kilometers. Getting to Toledo by road is an easy option, although it is advisable to avoid the rush hours in and out of Madrid and the industrial towns in the south of the capital, when the roads are very congested.

A good alternative is the (high-speed) train. The journey takes 35 m., and there is approximately one train every hour in each direction. Keep in mind that these trains are very popular on weekends, so it is advisable to book in advance. Toledo's beautiful train station, built in neo Mudejar style, is in the modern area of the city. You can take a taxi or a bus to "go up" to the old town, which is a half hour walk.


With a visit to Toledo of just a few hours you will only be able to see the essentials and have just an overall impression of this amazing city. Enjoy this gem well deserves a couple of days. In addition, in its surroundings -that is, in Toledo province- you will also find places as interesting as Consuegra and its scenic windmills, historical towns with beautiful castles (such as Oropesa) or you can make a route following in the footsteps of Don Quixote.


There are no operational mosques in the historic center of Toledo.

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