The marina at night

When the night falls, Puerto Marina Benalmádena, one of the most emblematic harbors in Costa del Sol, shines the most: terraces filled with people and hundreds of tourists looking for the best restaurant for dinner or the best place to have a drink. The lighting, with all the luxury boats, exclusive apartments, restaurants and bars make this port a place with lots of charm and a spectacular atmosphere.

Info & location
City/Province Benalmádena
Type of experience:
  • Special moments
Address c/ La Fragata, 4B, 29630 Benalmádena.
Website www.puertomarinabenal
To take into account Here the evening entertainment includes alcohol, clubs... But the spectacular architecture of the harbor with night lighting is an attraction not to be missed.
When From the end of June up to October, the marina is especially lively, although it's interesting all year around.
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