In Al Andalus times, Estepona was medina Istibuna. Today, in what was a Nasrid fortified city, the revamped old town of Estepona extends. Its maze of white streets, decked with colourful pots brimming with flowers, represents the very essence of a coastal Andalusian town. With its privileged location, close to Gibraltar, Estepona is also one of the best enclaves for family leisure on Costa del Sol.

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Estepona Travel Tips

Like all the tourist destinations that make up the Costa del Sol, and thanks to its privileged climate, it is worth visiting Estepona at any time of the year, although to practice water sports or bathe in the sea, summer is the most advisable season. Also the busiest and most expensive (especially in July and August). In autumn and winter, from October to March, you will find very good prices at the hotels on the coast.


Estepona is  83 km away from Malaga-Costa del Sol International Airport, with direct connections to the main Spanish and European cities. Additionally, the Malaga-María Zambrano Train Station operates fast trains to Madrid, Barcelona and other capital cities. Malaga also has one of the best road networks of the country, with highways and toll motorways leading to any point of Costa del Sol ad Spain. The price of a taxi from the airport or Malaga train station is approx € 80.


Estepona is one of the towns on the Costa del Sol closest to the famous Marbella. It is also the best place to visit Gibraltar or make day trips to Morocco (Tangier).


There is no mosque in Estepona. The closest one is in Fuengirola (Av. Santa Amalia, 10).

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