Welcome to the northern part of Al Andalus. Here, Islamic Spain also lived four centuries of splendor with outstanding cities such as Zaragoza and many others. This region in the northeast stands out for one of the legacies of Andalusian art, the Mudejar art, a surprising and wonderful mix of Islamic and Christian elements; a World Heritage. In Aragon you will enjoy it like nowhere else. Also a striking natural beauty.

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Aragon Travel Tips

Aragon is a vast territory with great diversity in terms of geography, climate and landscapes, allowing to enjoy different touristic resources along the year.

In winter, you can feel the snow and of course Christmas with its nice atmosphere. Spring is perfect to step into wildlife, springing colours and water, and to discover the amazing heritage in its villages and towns (an activity also highly recommended in fall)In summer, dare yourself to practice active tourism, getting cool in one of their numerous rivers.


Saragosse (Zaragoza) is the capital of Aragón, and its privileged location will allow you, in no more than 300 km, to get connected with Spain’s main cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Valencia. If your choice is the AVE high speed train, you will reach Madrid or Barcelona from Saragosse in roughly one hour and a half.


Inside Aragon, Zaragoza is roughly 74 km away from Huesca to the north and 171 from Teruel, to the south.  Main coach companies (Ágreda, Alosa, Alsa, Hife, Autobuses Jiménez o Therpasa, among others) will lead you to different destinations in and out of Aragon.


If you are doing a tour in Spain and you plan to visit Madrid and Barcelona, we recommend that you include a stage in Zaragoza and Aragon not only because the journey will be much more bearable but because you will have the opportunity to discover a wonderful Islamic heritage that will surprise you. If you have a few more days, use them to enjoy Aragon further: do not miss the chance to explore its beautiful towns and villages, full of history, and its breathtaking nature.

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